Disputing information: what to send us if you are acting on behalf of your client who is the opponent

We have a specialist unit dedicated to investigating cases where we have grounds for suspecting we have been given false information about an applicant’s financial position.

Getting the right information from opponents in civil cases helps us identify this and to investigate them effectively.  If you are acting for an opponent of a legal aid applicant, and they wish to make financial representations, please ask them to send us information such as that below.


Where it is alleged that the applicant is working:

  • Full name and postal address of the employer
  • Type of work carried out
  • Whether (if known) there is any connection through family or friends
  • Whether the wage is paid cash-in-hand


Where they have access to substantial sums of savings, Such as money held in the bank, stock, shares & investments such as bonds and premium bonds. We need to know amounts and the financial institutions where the investments in held.

Capital also includes assets such as a second car, caravan, boat, antiques and collectables.

Land or property

The full postal address of the land or property


  • This can be difficult to show and is not as straightforward as most opponents and those lodging representations believe. We accept that someone can occasionally stay overnight with your client without their cohabiting.
  • Where it is alleged the applicant is cohabiting we need to know the name of the alleged partner
  • The alleged partner’s address (if different from the applicant’s)
  • Details of the alleged partner’s employment, if any, including employers address.

Representations can be sent by an online form or by email.

There is also a guidance available for opponents in civil legal aid cases.

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