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Criminal Duty plans

2 October 2020

All criminal duty plans have now been issued for the period October 2020 – March 2021


Consultation launched about application of the Interests of Justice test in summary criminal sheriff court proceedings

1 October 2020

Details on our consultation about how we apply the Interests of Justice test in summary criminal proceedings in the sheriff court and how to submit your views


Solicitors contacting Criminal Applications team

9 September 2020

See new phone numbers we've added to make it easier for solicitors with specific queries to contact our Criminal Applications team


Covid-19: Counsel – interim fee claims for preparation in criminal cases

10 July 2020

Update explaining option for counsel to claim fees during Covid-19 for preparation work in criminal cases prior to case conclusion


Update on making three-way calls on the Agent to Prison VC link

23 June 2020

SPS can now accommodate three-way video link consultations with a maximum of three participants on each virtual visit.


Covid-19: Court duty plans re-started for five additional custody courts re-opening

1 June 2020

We have updated the court duty plans for five additional custody courts the SCTS announced last week they were re-opening this Wednesday 3 June 2020.

All solicitor updates

Covid-19 Equalities Statement

22 May 2020

We would like your feedback if you have been affected by or can otherwise identify any equalities impacts of the changes we have made due to Covid-19.


Covid-19: ABWOR grant now possible without physical calling of case

16 April 2020

Changes for Covid-19 to allow solicitors to grant ABWOR where not attending physical calling of case. Notice of further work on delegated solicitor and half fee


Covid-19: Appointed solicitor delegation of custody appearance

3 April 2020

Update confirming that Covid-19 a "good reason" for delegation of a custody appearance by an appointed solicitor.


Covid-19: Making three-way calls on the Agent to Prison VC link

2 April 2020

Update on three-way video conference calls (solicitor, Advocate & prisoner) on Agent to Prisons video link. Suggested interim solution until SPS investigates.