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Covid-19: Court duty plans re-started for five additional custody courts re-opening

1 June 2020

We have updated the court duty plans for five additional custody courts the SCTS announced last week they were re-opening this Wednesday 3 June 2020.

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Covid-19 Equalities Statement

22 May 2020

We would like your feedback if you have been affected by or can otherwise identify any equalities impacts of the changes we have made due to Covid-19.


Covid-19: ABWOR grant now possible without physical calling of case

16 April 2020

Changes for Covid-19 to allow solicitors to grant ABWOR where not attending physical calling of case. Notice of further work on delegated solicitor and half fee


Covid-19: Appointed solicitor delegation of custody appearance

3 April 2020

Update confirming that Covid-19 a "good reason" for delegation of a custody appearance by an appointed solicitor.


Covid-19: Making three-way calls on the Agent to Prison VC link

2 April 2020

Update on three-way video conference calls (solicitor, Advocate & prisoner) on Agent to Prisons video link. Suggested interim solution until SPS investigates.


Covid-19: Custody courts and duty solicitors

26 March 2020

See the Sheriff and JP court arrangements during the Covid-19 pandemic, also includes information on duty swaps and police station duty attendance


Covid-19: Registration still open for using agents to prison video link

25 March 2020

Find out how to sign up to use the video link to prisons run by the Scottish Prison Service.


Invitation to Scottish Government engagement events on jury research findings

6 January 2020

Find out how you can take part in a discussion on the implications of recent research and the potential for criminal justice reforms.


Legal aid arrangements for the Sheriff Court summary criminal case management pilots in Dundee, Hamilton and Paisley

26 November 2019

Find out why SCTS are running the pilots and the specific legal aid arrangements for cases going through these areas.


Legal aid arrangements for the Vulnerable Witnesses (Criminal Evidence) (Scotland) Act 2019

7 November 2019

We are taking this opportunity to confirm how current legal aid provision covers these new arrangements.