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Thursday, Jul 04, 2019

Change to Children’s ABWOR assessment procedure

With effect from Monday 8 July we will no longer apply a hold to a request for ABWOR.

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Thursday, Jul 04, 2019

New format Children’s duty plans for 2019-20 published

We have changed the format of the plans for this year. Instead of weekly slots being allocated to individual firms we have now listed alphabetically the firms that have selected each geographical area.

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Friday, Jun 21, 2019

Temporary Children’s Hearings Duty Plans issued for 24 June to 28 July 2019

These are temporary plans as we are reviewing the format and seeking views on this from the Law Society of Scotland.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Annual update on the Criminal Quality Assurance Scheme for Criminal Legal Assistance

This update gives details on the statistics, issues and findings of the Criminal Quality Assurance scheme for the two year period between 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2019.

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Thursday, Apr 18, 2019

Block move/transfer cases option added to Legal Aid Online

This update contains information about a new ‘Block solicitor transfer/firm moves’ option.

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Tuesday, Apr 16, 2019

Option to refer account to Edinburgh/local agent added to Legal Aid Online

You will be able to use the new account screens on Legal Aid Online to submit civil time and line accounts following our next deployment on Tuesday 23 April.

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Thursday, Apr 11, 2019

New restricted access option on LAOL for law accountants

We have now developed a third party access solution allowing you to restrict access for law accountants to specified cases only.

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Tuesday, Apr 09, 2019

The Legal Aid and Advice and Assistance (Scotland) (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2019, to increase fees by 3%

Regulations to increase solicitor and advocate fees for legal aid and advice and assistance by 3% are due to come into force on 26 April 2019.

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Wednesday, Apr 03, 2019

New interim accounts process for payment of fees and outlays

New accounts products that extend the availability of interim payments to all types of legal aid will go live during week commencing 22 April 2019.

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Monday, Apr 01, 2019

Updated CRIM/COURTAPP form to allow for extended domestic abuse categories

The new Domestic Abuse Act 2018, which came into force on 1 April 2019, has also extended the list of categories where the court can appoint a solicitor to act under Section 288D of the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995.

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Thursday, Mar 28, 2019

Keycards for 2019/20 published

The keycards for 2019/20 have been published on our website and will come into effect on Monday 8 April.

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Monday, Mar 11, 2019

Solicitor satisfaction surveys restarting

Feedback from the surveys helps us review and make changes to our business processes.

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Monday, Mar 11, 2019

Online notifications for court granted and automatic legal aid cases

We have identified an issue on Legal Aid Online where not all notifications are being sent to solicitors when we receive applications for court granted and automatic legal aid.

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Thursday, Mar 07, 2019

Expanded guidance added to Children’s Handbook about signing Online Declarations

We have expanded our guidance about the signature requirements for both the applicant (including where the applicant is a child) and the solicitor making an application to us.

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Tuesday, Feb 19, 2019

Apply for the Children’s Hearings Duty Scheme 2019-2020

Firms wishing to take part in the Children’s Duty Plan to run from Monday 24 June 2019 to Sunday 21 June 2020 are invited to apply now.

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Thursday, Jan 24, 2019

New SLAB performance measures provide a whole service assessment and drive improvements

The way we measure what we do and how well we do it has changed following a review of our performance framework.

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Thursday, Nov 22, 2018

Report published on outcome of Criminal Quality Assurance Scheme and Peer Review criteria consultation

Six responses to the consultation were received, four from individual solicitors, one from the Law Society of Scotland (LSS), and one from the Glasgow Bar Association (GBA

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Monday, Oct 22, 2018

New guidance on submitting Children’s legal aid accounts - certificates and synopsis will no longer be issued in paper format

An online notification will be sent once the application has been granted. You can still request a copy of the certificate by submitting a request by way of an online message on the application.

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Wednesday, Oct 17, 2018

Proceeds of crime cases with different solicitors

We have recently been advised about legal aid difficulties arising in some Proceeds of Crime cases.

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Monday, Oct 15, 2018

Improved limits on A&A family case templates and new Power of Attorney option

We have raised some of the template increase values available on new A&A applications submitted after Sunday 30 September. We have also added a new template.

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