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Covid-19: Registration still open for using agents to prison video link

25 March 2020

Find out how to sign up to use the video link to prisons run by the Scottish Prison Service.

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Covid-19: arrangements for applicant & opponent letters

25 March 2020

See our arrangements during the Covid-19 pandemic for alternatives to notifying applicants and opponents by letter for civil, criminal & children's cases.

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Covid-19: changes to paper account submissions

25 March 2020

See information for submitting paper accounts by secure email and for sending vouching or supporting information.

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Covid-19: SLAB email contact addresses for solicitors

24 March 2020

See email addresses we've added to the solicitor section of the Contact us page so you can reach the relevant teams directly.

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Covid-19: Initial four-point plan to help address concerns of legal profession

20 March 2020

We have developed plans to help solicitors in the face of uncertainty and shifts in the operation of the justice system.

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Covid-19 update from SLAB chief executive

18 March 2020

An update from Colin Lancaster on planning for revised arrangements during the current Covid-19 crisis.

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Covid-19: Changes to assist applicants and solicitors with the pandemic

16 March 2020

This update sets out a number of issues we have changed or clarified in light of the most common concerns solicitors have raised with us around Covid-19.

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Covid-19 (Coronavirus): Steps being taken to assist the profession

11 March 2020

Update on steps that could be taken to help the legal profession in the event major changes are required as a result of Covid-19.


Children’s Duty Scheme – automatic enrolment for 2020-21 plans

20 February 2020

Update explaining auto-enrolment of duty scheme solicitors onto the 2020-21 plans and how to join/leave the scheme.


New process for submitting a civil claim for interim payment of fees in paper format

27 January 2020

Find out how to submit a paper claim for interim payment of fees from Thursday 30 January.