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Covid-19: Guidance note – where accounts include charges for preparation of Written Representations which replace the need for any oral hearing

30 June 2020

This note sets out our approach to assessing an account or fee to be prepared as a direct alternative to an oral hearing during the Covid-19 emergency.

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Covid-19: Form of application to restart action in Sheriff Court

30 June 2020

This update explains how civil accounts under a Form of application to restart action to the Sheriff Court should be charged

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Covid-19: How payment to self-employed people during emergency affects eligibility for legal aid

29 June 2020

This update describes how self-employed business people affected by Covid-19 will be treated for the purposes of assessing eligibility for legal aid.


Update on making three-way calls on the Agent to Prison VC link

23 June 2020

SPS can now accommodate three-way video link consultations with a maximum of three participants on each virtual visit.


Children’s Hearings 12-month duty plans published

17 June 2020

Children’s Hearings Duty Plans for the next 12 months are now available. These plans cover the period 22 June 2020 to 25 June 2021.


Selecting the correct Category Code in cases seeking orders under the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000

8 June 2020

Improved guidance to help minimise delays when selecting category codes (AISA or AISAW) in Adults with Incapacity cases


Covid-19: Court duty plans re-started for five additional custody courts re-opening

1 June 2020

We have updated the court duty plans for five additional custody courts the SCTS announced last week they were re-opening this Wednesday 3 June 2020.

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Covid-19 Equalities Statement

22 May 2020

We would like your feedback if you have been affected by or can otherwise identify any equalities impacts of the changes we have made due to Covid-19.

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Covid-19: Guidance on providing applicant financial information

13 May 2020

Guidance to help solicitors & clients when providing applicant financial information during Covid-19 for criminal, civil and children's legal aid

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May payment timetable – SLAB closed Friday 8 May 2020

5 May 2020

See the timetable for payments to the profession over the May holidays 2020.