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Covid-19 Equalities Statement

22 May 2020

We would like your feedback if you have been affected by or can otherwise identify any equalities impacts of the changes we have made due to Covid-19.

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Covid-19: Guidance on providing applicant financial information

13 May 2020

Guidance to help solicitors & clients when providing applicant financial information during Covid-19 for criminal, civil and children's legal aid

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May payment timetable – SLAB closed Friday 8 May 2020

5 May 2020

See the timetable for payments to the profession over the May holidays 2020.


Covid-19: Help us minimise disruption to property recovery/preservation payments when submitting a Civil paper account

30 April 2020

Guidance on information to send us with paper accounts in Civil cases involving property recovered or preserved to minimise any disruption to payments.


Covid-19: Civil issues identified during current crisis arrangements

29 April 2020

Highlights a number of issues that will help ensure your applications for legal aid are processed without delay.

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Covid-19: Existing interim fee provisions extended to Civil & Children’s legal aid

28 April 2020

Civil, Children’s and Solemn Criminal legal aid accounts added to those able to take advantage of our extended interim payment processes from 30 April.

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Further LAOL system improvements and enhancements

28 April 2020

See various LAOL improvements including to paper accounts, device displays, ABWOR expenditure limits & diet definition, and system security.


Success Fee Agreements and legal aid

24 April 2020

An overview of important points arising from a legal aid perspective in relation to the new provisions on Success Fee Agreements effective from 27 April 2020.

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Covid-19: Changes to payments to account for counsel and solicitor advocates

20 April 2020

Update explains changes to provisions as to when counsel & solicitor advocates can submit payment to account under Civil, Criminal & Children's legal aid.


Covid-19: ABWOR grant now possible without physical calling of case

16 April 2020

Changes for Covid-19 to allow solicitors to grant ABWOR where not attending physical calling of case. Notice of further work on delegated solicitor and half fee