Online Account redevelopment - Phase 1 Launch

Wednesday, Aug 12, 2015

Our 7 May 2015 update provided details of our plan to release the redeveloped online accounts platform in phases. A number of firms have been invited to work with us to trial the new platform.

Our aim is to deliver a robust product that will benefit both the profession and SLAB. It is important that during the pilot phase, we trial the full functionality of the external and internal systems. To do this effectively we would like to test the system using as wide a range of accounts as possible.

Feedback obtained from firms taking part in the pilot will allow us to refine the products before the full roll out.

This update covers phase 1.

Phase 1

During phase 1 we will trial:

  • A&A and ABWOR accounts covering civil, children’s and criminal advice.
  • Summary fixed fees.

Invitations to participate in pilot

We have now contacted a number of firms and invited them to participate in the pilot. The designated firms will be asked to submit some or all of their accounts using the new accounts platform.

Basis for pilot firm selection

The firms invited to work with us, and trial the new product, have been selected on the basis of criteria such as: geographical location, aid type, case category, number of accounts submitted.

If you have not been invited to participate in this pilot phase but would be interested in participating in phases 2 & 3, please email your details to

Feedback from firms participating in pilot

Feedback obtained from the profession on the current account system was integral to the design of the new platform. We have enhanced the system based on your suggestions. Firms participating in the pilot will be asked to provide feedback on system usability and performance.

When will the new accounts platform go live?

In our previous update we advised you that we anticipate a full release of the products three or four months after they have been piloted. This will give us the opportunity to refine the products from observations obtained from the participating firms

Training videos and webinars

We previously advised you that we would be releasing training videos on our website in advice of each phase being launched.

Firms participating in the pilot will also be asked to comment on the training material. We will review the training material alongside comments received.

Schema for case management systems

The schema and high level specification required for case management systems was issued on 8 June 2015. We would like to remind you that if you use a case management system the vendor will require the details we release to allow them to upgrade their system. The schema and specification has only been sent to the case management vendors on our database.

If you are unsure if your case management vendor was sent the schema and specification please see the next section.

Law accountants and Case Management systems

If you have not already provided us with details of your law accountant or case management vendor please do so now.

Please email the following details to

Law Accountant: Your Firm details, Name of Law Accountant, Contact Number, email Address, Mailing Address.

Case Management systems: Your firm details, Name of system, Name of Firm who supplies system, Contact name, email address and mailing address

For further information, please contact: Christine Connerton, Digital Services Marketing Officer:

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