Solicitor registration for children’s legal assistance required to provide children’s hearings ABWOR

Thursday, Nov 26, 2015

The payment of ABWOR to solicitors at children’s hearings is only possible if the solicitor is registered with SLAB to provide Children’s Legal Assistance.

We have encountered some accounts recently where we have had to either delay payment while we sought further information about who represented the client at a children’s hearing or we have had to refuse payment because a registered solicitor had not provided the representation. We have also had a number of enquiries asking if trainees can provide the representation.

Full information on carrying out Children's Legal Assistance is provided in the Code of Practice .

It explains that solicitors providing ABWOR to a client for representation at a children’s hearing must be registered with SLAB to provide children’s legal assistance. Such a registered solicitor can include a second year trainee who holds a restricted practising certificate but they must also be registered to provide children’s legal assistance.

If you are granted ABWOR to represent a client at a hearing and you then send in your place an unregistered solicitor, first year trainee, paralegal, office assistant, or anyone else who is not registered to provide Children’s Legal Assistance, we will be unable to pay for that work.

To ensure prompt payment of your account it would be helpful if you could provide an account entry showing the name of the registered solicitor who attended the hearing and who is seeking to be paid ABWOR within the account entry itself. If this is not clear in the account, we may have to clarify this with you. This can lead to delays in payment.

More information about how to register for Children’s Legal Assistance is available on the registration page of our web site.

For more information please contact:
Ann Forbes-Partington
Assistant Manager - Civil and Children’s Legal Assistance
T: 0131 240 2072

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